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Are you suffering from relationship problems? Looking for couples counselling / coaching in New Plymouth?

Relationships with others are an important part of our lives. Often, when things go wrong, it is a result of a breakdown in communication.

We work with couples on effective communication so as to broaden their understanding of each other and enrich their relationship.

In my practice we offer couples counselling / couples coaching, and individual relationship counselling.

relationship counselling

Relationship problems

Relationship counselling can help you with you a wide range of issues, such as:

✓ Adultery, affair, infidelity
✓ Autonomy in relationship
✓ Communication problems
✓ Cultural differences
✓ Divorce

✓ Family problems
✓ Fear of abandonment and/or commitment
✓ Intimacy issues
✓ Relationship anxiety
✓ Relationship fights

Could you use some extra support in your life and relationship? Feel free to send me a message.

Relationship Counselling / Relationship Coaching in New Plymouth

Life Coach Jessica
I offer both individual life coaching and couples coaching.

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Counselling and Relationship counselling New Plymouth for marriage counselling and relationship therapy in New Plymouth, Waitara, Taranaki.